One of the reasons H and V started this blog was because they hold philosophies about food which they wanted to share. As we’ve said before, we think love and ice cream are closely intertwined and love is the starting point of our food philosophies: acting lovingly towards yourself, your taste buds, your community and your world. So here are a few  recurring themes you may notice as we seek out the best ice cream experiences.

Eat Local:

It may seem obvious or nothing new but it’s just something we feel is so important. Food that is in season tastes better. Food that hasn’t travelled further than Ellen McArthur tastes better. So our Strawberry and Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream tastes best with local strawberries. Eating locally has so many benefits all round – it is a more rewarding taste experience for us, it feeds into local farms and economies and it reduces the level of freight-generated pollution. As well as attempting to use local ingredients wherever possible, we also think it’s important to seek out local ice cream producers.  Admittedly this does have the added advantage of reducing the number of minutes between us and ice cream; but supporting our local businesses will also help keep alive the diversity of produce available. Some ice cream flavours will only be found in Brussels, some only in Northern Ireland – and that’s the way it should be.

 Eat Simply:

No doubt this is an issue which will come up again in the blog but we think that we were intended to eat food, not modified starch, not hydrogenated vegetable oils and not, I’m sorry, xanthan gum. Sometimes, a small amount of these products will appear in the ingredients of our favourite ice creams. Sometimes, they may be needed to increase the longevity of shop-bought, mass-produced ice cream. But somehow it seems to make sense that, the shorter – and more recognisable – the ingredients list, the better it will be for us.  A little bit of butter – for which the ingredients list reads ‘butter’ – must surely have some advantages over a margarine containing ‘water, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, soya lecithins, potassium sorbate, acidity regulator and colour’ among other things.  Our favourite ice cream recipes have none of these things in them and we tend to be more impressed with ice cream producers who avoid them too.


Ban Nothing

There are some people in the world who think you shouldn’t eat ice cream. Although obviously we don’t associate with such people, it is nevertheless easy for their views to permeate our own attitudes to food. Obviously, a healthy, balanced diet is essential for our wellbeing – but don’t just do the ‘healthy’ and skip the ‘balanced’. A healthy attitude to food and and a balanced diet allow the things we really like. When we start blacklisting certain foods as unpermissable, we restrict our choices and deliberately limit the enjoyment we can obtain from our food.



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